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The Lamas are domesticated South American camelid born in Web 3.0.

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The Lamas NFT collection are a way for the LamaTechnologycompany to express their love for these fun, trustworthy and helpful animals. We have hand-crafted 50 "Legendary" Lamas with a nod to their historical birthplace, Lamaland.

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The Lamas Trail

  • Q4 - 2022

    50 Legendary Lamas

    It all started with 50 Lamas. These magnificent characters were hand-crafted with love and care. These 50 will be all unique and reserved to the founders and the team of LamaTechnology.

  • Q2 - 2023

    The next 1,000 Lamas to launch

    The next 1,000 Lamas will be for our early adopters of the Lama app. We love our early adopters and this is the best way to reward the ones who trusted us from the beginning. These 1,000 Lamas will be extremely rare and only available into the Lama app. For those who missed them, keep your eyes peeled on secondary markets such as OpenSea or other NFT trading websites. Adopting one of the 1,000 Lamas will open you all secrets doors of the Lama app and the Lamaland metaverse. Details will be published here later. Happy adopting!

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  • Q3 - 2023

    It's time to mint 5,000 Lamas

    It is time to grow and expand! 5,000 Lamas are ready to be adopted by our community into the Lama app. It's 5,000 and not one more! Adopting one or more Lamas will allow you to have an exclusive access of the Lama app and be among the first to access the Lamaland metaverse. Happy adopting!

  • surfer lama
  • 2024

    The Lamaland metaverse

    The Lamas need your help to go home! Everyone wants to live in Lamaland.


Every Lama needs a home

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